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Privacy Policy


WAKO Enterprise Inc. (Hereinafter Our Company)recognize the importance of protection of personal information, and
establish and thoroughly disseminate this policy to all employees to ensure steady implementation of the following.

1. Definition of Personal Information

Personal Information is the information of our customers and our employees, and that a specific individual can be identified by address, name, phone number which are included in the said information. (This includes the information to identify a specific individual that can be easily collate with other information.)

2.Purpose of using Personal Information

Our Company use personal information for the following purposes.

In order to respond to requests from our customers for materials etc.
In order to deliver various information on our services etc. to our customers.
In order to reflect the opinions and requests from our customers to improve our services.
In order to report to our customers and to process required.
In order to give guidance on our business.

3.Usage of Personal Information

Personal Information will be used only within the scope of purpose of use.
In the case of using for other purposes, we clarify the purpose when the personal information is provided.

4.Providing information to the third parties

Our Company will not provide personal information to the third parties except the cases below.

In the case of entrusting to affiliated companies within the scope of necessity to achieve the purpose of use.
In the case of being based on the law.
In the case with the consent of the person.

5.Shared use with the third parties

Our Company will share use of the personal information with the third parties in order to achieve the purpose of use above in the cases below.

Information to be shared: name, address, phone number, FAX number, email address
The scope of the shared use: the affiliated company of Our Company
The shared use management representative: Our Company

6.Protection of Personal Information

Our company will implement the security measure commencing with information security measure, and protect the personal information from unauthorized access, and leakage or damage, in order to secure accuracy and safety of personal information.

7.Supervising Outsourcing company

In the case of entrusting the personal information to the outsourcing company, Our Company will conclude Non-Disclosure Agreement with the outsourcer, and we will adequately supervise the outsourcing company.

8.Management system of Personal Information

Our Company, in terms of handling personal information, will establish management system within the company for protecting privacy, and endeavor to adequately and carefully handle personal information in accordance with company regulation.

9.Leagal Compliance

Our Company will comply with the privacy related law in order to realize protection of privacy indisputably.

10.Revision of Privacy Policy

The content of our Privacy Policy will be continuously reviewed in order that we strive to maintain the best condition.

11.Contact for our Privacy Policy

If you have any questions on our Privacy Policy, please contact the following.

2-7, Nishi 20-chome, Minami 2-jo, Chuo Ward, Sapporo

12.Disclosure, revision, suspension of use, erase of personal information

Our Company will respond promptly, within reasonable scope, to the request of the person regarding disclosure, revision, suspension of use, erase of personal information.

Enact on October 1, 2009.
WAKO Enterprise Inc. President/C.E.O. SUGAI, Hiroyuki

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